Our Beginnings

I was first introduced to the rosary while serving as a medic In the Army. Though , I didn’t discover it’s true beauty and how it could bring me comfort until years later when I spent some time as a patient in the VA hospital and developed a relationship with the chaplain there. Over time he became both a friend and a mentor.
The desire (or compulsion ) to craft rosaries didn’t strike me until later.
In July of 2005 , I suffered a serious injury to my hand while working in a machine shop. My hand was crushed and two fingers were traumatically amputated by a chain that had snapped off of my machine. One of the two fingers were saved and over the next several months and years I underwent numerous surgeries reconstructing my hand.


It was during this time of recovery that I felt led and compelled to make rosaries. I had sunk into a dark place and memories of my time as a Trauma / Pedi-trauma medic filled my days and nights. Making rosaries served as a pathway for me to find peace of mind and was a great therapeutic tool in relearning to use my hand .
Also in this difficult time I was introduced to a strong willed Alaskan Husky who would make positive and dramatic changes in my life.
Born on Easter Sunday of 2006 , this tiny pup was given to me as a Father’s Day gift. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no desire to have a dog. But, upon meeting this frightened tiny pup (she was being circled by our cats at the time ) and hearing of the horrific conditions she came from , I knew she was meant to be with us. In just a few hours, an inseparable bond was formed between the two of us and it seemed that we both needed each other.

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Why Easter Pup ?
Battle Buddy , Best Friend and Legend in her own mind

When contemplating and debating with myself as to what I should call this new adventure , I kept returning to the two biggest things that brought me peace in troubled dark times. Making and praying the rosary and my best friend and battle buddy Queen Pupcake the Easter Pup.
Following that logic, it seemed only natural to name it after her.

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Our Mission

We strive to amaze our customers and happily work with them to create the item they desire and will love We are committed to providing the absolute very best quality to each and everyone of our customers. Since our start, we have continued to grow while staying true to our original mission – to give you , the customer , a creation that you’ll cherish and be honored to share with others.

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